What is is a site dedicated to providing daily feeds to player matchups and advanced statistics on those players in a simple and easy to view way.

Where is the data from pulled from? has a nightly process in place to download the game files from MLB Advanced Media, L.P. These files include the game and pitching data from the daily games as well as probable pitchers for the upcoming days. Please remember that the data is taken as is and can be susceptible to error. Given the verbosity of the data, however, you should not notice too many irregularities in the reports.

PITCHf/x Search maintains the entire MLB PITCHf/x database. It updates daily at 3AM. Check back frequently as the search page is a continuous work in progress and functionality will be added often.

Daily Leaderboard
The daily leaderboard is updated daily at 3AM. It looks at the days probable starter and compiles all hitter stats on the team he's pitching against active roster. The statistics only go back to 2008 so some of the data might be a little off.

Player Bookmarks
Player bookmarks are designed to help you with daily match up questions in your fantasy leagues. This feature will be heavily improved in the near future.

Team Compare
The Team Compare tool helps give information on how certain pitchers or batters have fared against other players. If you select "Batters vs. Pitchers" in the top drop down list, select teams and a batter from the drop down lists, it will show you how one particular pitcher has done against a teams lineup. If you select "Pitchers vs. Batters" in the top drop down list, select teams and a batter from the drop down lists, it will show you how a particular batter has done against a teams pitching staff.

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